About Eurojuris Switzerland


"As reliable as a Swiss watch!" Is that just a Swiss cliché? We at Eurojuris Switzerland think no. We are a small country network within the large Eurojuris International network. We know each other personally. This makes it easier for us to mediate and process mandates across regions and allows us to be reliable in client service.

- Dr. Cristina von Holzen, President of Eurojuris Switzerland -


The law firms in our Swiss Eurojuris network are carefully selected. Particular attention is paid to experience, an appropriate law firm structure, good coverage of specialist areas and registration with the local bar associations and the Swiss Bar Association. The latter in turn requires a professional liability insurance of at least one million Swiss francs (and in fact usually higher insurance sums).


Correspondent lawyers and clients as well as Swiss law firms interested in the Eurojuris network may contact one of our Swiss Eurojuris law firms directly or me as president. We are happy to advise and inform you.

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