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Lenz Caemmerer

Elisabethenstrasse 15, Basel
4010 Basel, Switzerland

Main contact

Dr. Cristina von Holzen & Dr. Iur. Beat Eisner

Member of IBG

IBG Main Contact:

Beat Eisner

About the law firm

For decades, Lenz Caemmerer, Basel, has been an address of choice for legal counsel in the Basel region. Companies, organizations and individuals in the region have continually found in us a strong and reliable partner. We combine experience with a drive for quality, all of which is rooted in a long tradition of entrepreneurial thinking and a forward-looking approach to giving counsel. Through our office in Karlsruhe, we have been intertwined with the economic space of southwestern Germany since 1998 – a connection beneficial to many of our clients. Basel is also home to our French Desk. Our advice spans three different countries, making us an attractive partner. We handle international questions and issues by tapping further into Eurojuris, our network of proven cooperation partners in countries throughout the world. Long-term client relationships are part and parcel of our firm’s culture. Our principle of having a dedicated counsel for each client, guarantees that, despite being handled by highly specialized individuals, all the strands of your matter will converge at a single point of contact. As our client, you can rest assured that your dedicated contact truly understands you and your needs.


CRON Caroline

Caroline CRON


Dr. iur., attorney-at-law Beat EISNER

HUBER Lucius

Lucius HUBER



LENZ Martin

Martin LENZ


Avocat (Barreau de Paris) Marine MÜLLERSHAUSEN

Dr. Timon REINAU



von Holzen

Dr. Cristina VON HOLZEN

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