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The EUIPO signs a collaboration agreement with Eurojuris International

A collaboration agreement between the EUIPO and Eurojuris International was signed on 13 July 2023. Eurojuris International has become the 21st member of the EUIPO Ideas Powered for business Network.

Eurojuris International is a leading international network of law firms in Europe and beyond offering global connections for legal assistance. The Eurojuris International network covers around 50 countries, providing access to 5 000 lawyers worldwide. Eurojuris International members are independent, trusted law firms offering expert legal advice and local representation to individual and business clients, including SMEs.

The EUIPO is the EU agency responsible for managing the registration of EU trade marks and designs. The EUIPO SME programme, under the Ideas Powered for business brand, aims to support and empower SMEs on their business journey, offering specialised information on intellectual property (IP), tools and training.

Consolidating work efforts between Eurojuris International and the EUIPO will bilaterally strengthen their collaborative networks, raise awareness of the different SME support schemes and help the EUIPO to reach out to SMEs and increase awareness about the importance and benefits of IP.

This agreement covers information exchange and activities such as collaboration on webinars, events, SME support initiatives and other joint initiatives with a direct impact on and benefit for EU SMEs.

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